Global Reformers Hub

Securing Nations’ Destinies

Global Reformers is the apostolic network joined and aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson. The ultimate purpose of this aligning is to “Secure Nation’s Destinies From The Court Of Heaven.” This understanding of the Court System of Heaven is radically shaping the church’s awareness of how the spirit realm works. We are recognizing that it is the job of us individually but also as the corporate people of God (Ecclesia) to grant God as Judge the legal right to fulfill His purpose in the earth. The thing that has hindered the fullest manifestation of the kingdom of God in the earth is the satanic realm still is holding nations under their influence because we as the church have yet to enforce and execute into place the finished works of the cross.

In addition to the corporate purpose of Global Reformers to be a part of accomplishing the mandate just stated, it is necessary that we as individual ministries, business owners and kingdom people be empowered for our kingdom purpose. The mandate stated, will not occur without each of us stepping into a fuller expression of what we were made for. Global Reformers is therefore committed to empowering those who are aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson.

We are one of 14 hubs in America for Global Reformers aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson. If you are interested in an appointment for ministry, please fill out that application and consent for ministry and release. Please submit $50.00 with your application. It is $50.00 per person per session and $100.00 per couple per session. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.