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Global Transformation International: Our belief system 

Your belief is one of the sharpest tools that you can wield in your life. It can either be your salvation or your downfall so you need to be careful when it comes to those you believe in. Here at Global Transformation International, our beliefs are shaped by the word of God and not of men. Our duties lie in the purpose set by the lord and thus, we have security that our faith is established in the right foundation. If you want to know more about our belief system and the ideas that form the ground of our organization, check the comprehensive list of our beliefs below: 

  1.   A covenant keeping God 

We believe that God would keep his covenant with the world even when we humans fail. According to the Bible, the lord existed before creation and was the one to order all the processes of the earth. 

When God created the world, he didn’t just create life, he chose to form a relationship with us. It was with Abraham that God first cut the covenant and from that day forward swore to keep his words with mankind. God made a covenant with Abraham that he will make him the father of many nations and from him, the Kingdom of God will prevail. We are confident as children of God that the Lord won’t violate his covenant. For this reason, we are looking for the world to be transformed into a nation made solely for God. 

  1. Israel as God’s covenant nation and people 

The people of Israel as well as the Jews, even amidst a time of disbelief, are still the people of God. The Lord made a covenant that Israel would be his people. It doesn’t matter if you disregard your part of the covenant, the Lord will keep his. However, if you want to find your purpose, you need to look back on this covenant and claim your identity as God’s chosen people. 

When the people of Israel turned their back on God, the Lord gave gentiles their salvation and allowed us to share Israel’s identity as God’s chosen people. God didn’t replace Israel during their time of rebellion, he called people to intercede for the full restoration of the nation and save the lost. 

  1. Our father in heaven 

One of the things that we often miss out on when coming to God is the fact that the Lord is our father. We are in a relationship with the almighty God and when we connect to the Lord, we shouldn’t treat him as a distant being, rather it should be a relationship full of comfort and faith. 

Understanding that God is your father can change your perspective in a way that will bring you closer to God. Moreover, as your heavenly Father, God has great plans in store for you. This is something that you can only claim if you know your identity as a child of God. A servant can never wish for the riches of their master, but a child will open their arms to the blessing of their father. This is a shift in perspective that we all need. 

  1. The holy trinity 

There is only one God and in him, we have the father, the son and the holy spirit. A lot of people still find themselves confused over this. Jesus is God and God is the Holy Spirit. They are one being and the reason for this is because they are in a relationship. To people, relationships work in a different way where two individuals commune. However, to God, a relationship is a bond that makes you one with others. You are in one identity with God. 

  1. Holy spirit 

In the Bible, a side of God that people most often look past to is the holy spirit. When Jesus came down to heaven to save mankind from our sins, The holy spirit decided to come down to be our guide and help us find fullness in the name of Jesus. 

The holy spirit points us to the purpose of the lord. The weight that you feel whenever you sin is an effect of not believing in the guidance of the holy spirit. It is the holy spirit’s desire to equip us with what we need to do the works of God on earth. 

  1. The word 

The word of God is not found in the mouth of men but in the pages of the Bible. The only word of God that you can trust is that which is written in the Bible and not the words uttered by men who wish to shape the meaning of God’s words for their own benefit. 

The Bible isn’t just a book of stories. It is a love letter from God to us. A book that reveals the lengths the world has gone through to keep his covenant with us. The Bible is also a guide that God left for us so that we will never stray without his word. In the most amazing ways, the Bible is a reference to who we truly are. It keeps us secure in our identity as a child of God. 

  1. Law and grace 

Unlike what most people believe, the law that God gave us doesn’t go by a work system wherein you can follow everything to earn the favour of the world. No, the law is the teaching of God that paints a picture of what our Lord is and what his plans are for us. God knows that we could never achieve righteousness all on our own. For this reason, he created the law to govern us and guide us on our walk to righteousness. 

The path to righteousness isn’t paved by our hard work to follow a written law, it is made by knowing your relationship with God and walking on the path he paved for you. 

  1. Redemption and restoration 

No matter what your past is and how evil you perceive yourself to be. We all have a chance of redemption and restoration in the name of God. There is a path for you to find your way back to God. The best thing about this is that it is always God who seeks us. The lord will never let his sheep stray. 

  1. Celebrating firstfruits and giving 

Giving and sacrifice are some of the keys in worship We can only give just because God first gave something to us. Through our gratitude for God’s blessings, we are able to share the blessings that we have and experience the joys of giving. Moreover, with God blessing us, we are able to honour his name.

  1. Communion with God through worship 

What we have between us and God is a relationship. It is never about being masters and followers. God always values the connection that we have as seen when he planted a garden for us to commune with him. 

Worshipping God isn’t about having the best voice, the most creative dances or giving the biggest offering. It is about connecting with God in the same way that you would connect with the people special to you. Worshipping is an act of faith to form a relationship with God. Show your connection with God and create an unbreakable bond with the Lord through worship. 

  1. The operation of spiritual gifts

When God ascended to heaven, he left gifts for humankind. As th4e children of God, we have access to these gifts that come in the form of healing and other blessings. We can call upon healing to other people by praying to God and willing health to return to an individual. As the children of God, it is our duty to let other people experience the grace that God gave us. 

  1. The kingdom of God and the apostolic government 

If you want to be part of our mission, you must understand that we are serving a God who is advancing a kingdom. As the people of the Lord, we have a duty to help God in this great purpose and to spread his word to reach out to other people and save them from eternal damnation. You are called with a purpose to reach out to anyone who needs salvation and show them the grace of God. You only need to trust God that he will provide you with everything that you need for this great mission. 

  1. Spiritual warfare 

All of us are inherently evil. This is the reason why you would often experience spiritual warfare. It is never said that the path of a Christian is easy. As a child of God, you must understand that you would face challenges and with the guidance of the Lord, you can overcome them.

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