Importance of prayer

Global Transformation International: Importance of prayer

Prayer is one of the ways that we can communicate and connect with God. However, aside from helping us form a bond with the Lord, prayers can also serve other purposes that would help you grow in your path to righteousness. Take a look at why prayer is important in your everyday life below: 

  1. A prayer is a form of service 

Prayer is an act of interceding for others. When you pray, you don’t just do it for yourself, you also pray for the well being of other people and help resolve a problem by bringing it to God. 

  1. A prayer is an act of obedience 

 God designed us with the ability to communicate with him. By praying, you adhere to this purpose that you have and gradually strengthen your connection with the Lord. 

  1. Prayer is the solution 

We often don’t think it is, but when all else fails, don’t we always turn back to prayer? Praying is an admittance that we can’t handle the situations ourselves. We need the help of God and we are asking for it. It is impossible to find the right solution through your efforts alone, you need God and you can communicate with him through prayers!

  1. Prayer is important because it is a communication 

Communication is one of the foundations of relationships and God wants us to have a relationship with him. It is God’s divine calling for us to have a connection with him and we can adhere to this calling through praying and communicating with the Lord. 

  1. Prayers allow us to communicate the desire of our hearts 

You won’t voice your concerns to anyone who can’t answer and satisfy it. Through prayer and knowing that God has the power to turn our requests into reality, we reveal the desires that our hearts have and continue to work through them. 

  1. Prayer is one way to promote the kingdom of God 

Two of the best things that we can do as believers are to lay down our agendas and submit ourselves to the purpose of God. We can identify God’s purposes and plans through prayer and allowing God to work through us. 

  1. Prayer can set the tone of your day 

Just as a conversation with your neighbour can change your mood for the day, a conversation with God can also help you set a better mood for your day. Starting your day with prayer will help remind you of your identity in Christ while an evening prayer can help you pour unto God all the troubles that you have faced as well as your small victories. 

  1. Prayers help you make better decisions 

Oftentimes, when we have a big decision to make, it is better to consult the Lord and ask for his will. Praying can eliminate the selfish desires that we have and helps create a better setup for us to make a decision.

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