We do not worship the worshiper, nor do we worship creation, created by the Creator. The source of all, the One who fills all, the only one worthy of worship is the Lamb. He alone is worthy to open the Book of Life. He does not need our worship, but rather, we need to worship Him in all His greatness. We see glimpses of His greatness all around us in the eyes of a child, in the wonder of a newborn baby, in the beauty of a flower, the buzz of a bee, the current of a crystal clear river. The Creator shows off His creation, and it is good.

We were created to declare His glory, to worship Him in the splendor of His holiness. Worship is not spoken words, but words spoken from the heart of the worshiper. Words of true worship flow from the core of a heart redeemed, and restored to its original purpose. In Him, we live, and move, and have our being.

Worship is inherent In man. We will worship something or someone. False worship includes:
Worship of our own ability to please God through the work of our hands
Worship of powerless gods created from wood or stone
Worship of the creature instead of the Creator

Our Father God is the only One worthy of worship!

Regina Shank