During the night, as I was attempting to sleep, the Lord visited me. I have been ill since December 9th. I have had confidence in my Lord to heal and restore me because He is such a faithful God.

In my season of healing, the quietness of little activity, and the lack of personal strength, I have been broken open once again by the potter. I think many times, unknowingly I have walked in my own strength and have asked Him to bless it. But it is when personal strength is gone that He really shines through. This sickness really has been for His glory. He has humbled me beautifully as only He can do. He has removed soulish zeal and reconnected me with His heart for my future. God is not the source of this illness. He is using it to move me closer to His purposes for me.

As I lay in my bed in the early morning before dawn, a heavenly shower began to descend over me. It wasn’t natural rain. The drops were long, clear, solid, and melodious as they broke over me. The Lord’s silhouette appeared over my right shoulder as He bent down to kiss my cheek. I have once again been shown His love for me as only He can do it.

I have been tenderized like a steak before grilling. I have been dashed on the rocks of adversity. I have endured physical pain and weakness. I feel like an old eagle that has gone to the high places to be renewed. It is there that the old feathers are pulled out and the old beak is removed. As the eagle rests, his feathers begin to grow back and his new beak forms.

My desire is for you to know the depth of His heart of love for you personally, the plans He has for all of His children, and the fulfillment of your destiny on this earth to know Him and make Him known.

May your new year be filled with greater glory as you rest in Him.

Regin Shank