Run, Run, Run!

Run, Run Run! Responsibility chases and society beckons. Bullies are following and pressure threatens. Are you running from or running to? Are you running a race or just passing through? Is your heart beating fast or your feet pounding stone? Will you ever be through to find your way home?

Run Run, Run! Time never stops and seconds are ticking. Bullies are following and fear sends its warning. There is no time for rest or breathing; the joy of life stands on the sidelines waiting. The quiet place is empty still as the drumbeat of demand grows louder and shrill.

Someday I’ll stop and sit for a while, rocking in my chair and sporting a smile. I’ll think about the trials of a busy life and regret the race that stole my life. What was the prize I was hoping to gain? What part of success would have been my refrain? Time moved on and so did I. My feet walked the walk; time chose to fly.

Now that I know what I didn’t know then, my heart longs to return to who knows when. But time flew in to steal the day and marched right through to the month of May. Refusing to stop to seize the day, it grimaced at the thought of any delay. No tickets were offered to yesterday!

What have I gained from running so fast? Not much that will really last. I built my plan and achieved the best. From the human viewpoint, I was a success. But beauty unnoticed and songs unsung drew me to seek the Greater One. Was there a plan I could have found, one that caused a melodious sound? Of peace and rest in spite of goals, Of treasured moments and helpful roles? I heard the gentle whisper of rest, speaking within my beating breast. “The written destiny still awaits. Walk slowly my child and achieve at rest!”

““In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. But you would not..” Isaiah 30:15

Regina Shank