Christianity came to Russia in 988, and our country was progressing in seeking God. However, 100 years ago, through the October Revolution of 1917, the course of history was turned in the opposite direction, and for 70 years Russia took the course of Atheism or Godlessness. Believers were persecuted, churches were closed, Bibles were burned…

We cannot change or erase our history, since the history or destiny of the country is directly connected with the fates and stories of people living in it.

 We accept our history, the way it is. We accept our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, together with their lives and their story, because they are our family. Our attitude toward them – with reverence, respect, love and, if needed, forgiveness and reconciliation can help heal the wounds in our souls and restore our families and country. However, this is only possible through the love of God, which He gives us.

Since Perestroika (1991), and the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the collapse of the USSR, changes have been occurring. For almost 30 years, Russia has been returning to the sources of faith and seeking God. Many people thought this time have found God, new churches are being opened, old temples are being restored, Bibles are being printed, we see that God is helping us to restore our country.

Today it is our responsibility, as churches and believers, to continue to pray and bless our country, our land, our nations and our family, with God’s blessing, so that the next 100 years of our history would be written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

For God’s Church, it is very important to unite in prayer, covering the whole earth with love and prayer, to be above politics and propaganda, and to meet at the Throne of Grace and intercede for the land, for nations, for authorities, for families and for the salvation of all men.”

Anya Polyakova, Prayer coordinator of the Association of Evangelical Christian Churches, whose president at the moment is my husband – Dmitry Polyakov.  Currently the Association has about 450 churches.