Going Global


Our gathering at the Capitol last month was off the charts as we worshipped, prayed, decreed and addressed violence and destruction, giving it notice that it would no longer be tolerated in our territory.  The sound of worship in the Rotunda of our Missouri State Capitol was amazing.  Thanks to all who participated in this anointed gathering.

We are experiencing breakthrough on many levels and seeing the harvest open up to us!  There are many in the valley of decision right now, so be ready, instant in season and out of season.  Don’t give up on your dreams, stand in the midst of the storm, rest in His faithfulness, keeping your eyes on Him and you will see the fulfillment of all the prophetic words that have been spoken to you.

Missouri Prayer Global Ministries has gone “GLOBAL” in our vision, call, and authority.  Recently the Lord appeared to me with a renewal of our call to nations, decreeing to me that He is rolling out the red carpet to us.  The trip we took right after that to Ireland and Bosnia was filled with confirmation of that.  In the church in Ireland, we walked on that red carpet.  His scepter of authority rules the nations and He is calling us alongside and sending us out to decree His glory.

Find your place in this season; know your calling; yield to His Spirit and the work of His heart for you.  We are stepping into an amazing season of harvest and breakthrough.

See you Saturday,

Apostle Regina Shank