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Nepal Report

Dear Partners and Friends, I have been in Nepal for ten days now. I started out ministering in Kathmandu then flew to Nepalgunj. After ministering in the local church for a few days we held a three day revival and healing crusade with 6000 registered attendees. Thousands testified of being healed by either waving their […]

Potty Mouth Culture

By Ron Wood Compared to vile language heard today, “hell” and “damn” seem tame, just minor cuss words. At least they’re in the Bible. Here’s a story of what happened to me in Washington County. “You can’t play that kind of music in here,” I said to an 8th grader. He had pulled the earbuds from […]

Prophetic Dream

Recently, one of our prophetic friends had a dream.  In it, he was being pulled out of the restroom by a man who said to him, “don’t worry it’s just a little Appleton and you won’t feel a thing. “ In the dream he knew he was in Appleton, Wisconsin along the Fox River.  This […]


We do not worship the worshiper, nor do we worship creation, created by the Creator. The source of all, the One who fills all, the only one worthy of worship is the Lamb. He alone is worthy to open the Book of Life. He does not need our worship, but rather, we need to worship […]

Israel Trip

Greetings: I am anticipating a trip to Israel with a team October 26-November 7.  We will be attending the Gathering of the Clans with Kevin and Rose Sambrook of Ireland to be held at Glory of Zion Center in Jerusalem with Daniel & Amber Pierce.  Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets will be with us for […]

How Old Are You?

Getting older isn’t for novices. I guess that’s why God didn’t allow it when we were younger. The burden of getting older has to be carried by those who are…getting older. The beauty of youth doesn’t stay; it only visits. But tell a young person that and they scarcely believe it. They walk away with […]

The Power of Prayer

Suddenly life can take a major turn! As an Intercessor, I often had an appointment with the Lord. It was not because I was so holy. It was out of desperation to see my life change. Prayer had been and still is my lifeline, my sustenance, my daily bread.  The Lord taught me an important […]

Rest Child

Rest child. I’ll do the work. There is no need for you to run here and run there, to be everywhere. Only go where I send you and do what I do. You have tried to do it all and have become tired. Do not resist the sabbath rest I have for you. You will […]